• Artist Carsten Höller Debuts a Nine-Story-Tall Slide in Miami

    He created a tandem slide that rises 93 feet in the air—his first slide artwork to be installed in the U.S.—and debuted it by sliding down with Chloë Sevigny. By Elizabeth Fazzare. Photography by Leonel Diaz. “I dissect fun in my work,” says artist Carsten Höller. In Miami this past…

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  • Carsten Höller’s first giant slides in the US open in Miami

    Dan Howarth Belgian artist Carsten Höller has created one of his massive slide towers at a shopping mall north of Miami, where visitors can race each other down its pair of tunnels. The 93-foot-tall (28-meters) structure opened this past weekend at the Aventura Mall and is the artist’s first permanent…

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