The Permuy Architecture team applies our extensive industry knowledge and experience to provide the additional service of Owner’s Representation. As the Owner’s Representative, we establish a clear understanding of the owner’s goals, help our clients navigate the complex development process throughout the duration of the project, and advocate for their interests with the utmost integrity to ensure the best possible results.

Our premier Owner’s Representation service delivers this by drawing upon our unique and wide-ranging experience in the industry and communicating effectively between various teams involved in the success of a project, including: architecture, interior design, engineering, construction administration, legal, and governmental, among others. We also have extensive project experience across residential, office, commercial/retail, hospitality, public sector, mixed-use, historic, and arts-related projects. This experience makes us strong representatives for the owner’s vision throughout the tenure and phases of a project.

Communication is key. Our team manages and simplifies the development process while keeping the owner updated and engaged through every step. However, to best ensure the most satisfactory result, our team’s project philosophy for owner’s representation is rooted in not merely managing, consulting, and coordinating, but also building and maintaining relationships across teams to ensure everyone is on board and moving together in the best interest of the project. In addition, we always keep the owner’s interest at the center of our approach by integrating maximal value-added features and opportunities wherever possible with an eye on efficiency and feasibility. We have a firm understanding of what it takes to breathe life into the design and ensure seamless integration of all the elements and moving parts involved in order to deliver results. This best ensures the client is confidently at ease from the start of the project.

Our team works diligently to not only meet our client’s standards but to surpass their expectations for each given project.