City Zero Fitness Center

The City Zero Fitness Center was commissioned by high-profile developer Beto Perez, founder of the internationally-renown Zumba Fitness corporation. This ambitious cutting-edge project was always intended to be more than a simple gym. As an expansive fitness center, it showcases a sleek design that includes a state-of-the-art ground floor dance-fitness studio, gym, retail space, juice bar, and personal training areas spanning across four floors.

Our team designed City Zero to serve as an instant and transformative anchor for its community, generating economic growth and promoting a healthy lifestyle with a strongly uplifting energy streaming throughout the space. This uplifting energy is accentuated with the height and openness of each of the spaces as well as the strong emphasis on angularity throughout. City Zero gained immediate attention upon its announcement and was quickly hailed as the flagship of a burgeoning “Little Havana Renaissance.”

As a signature Permuy design, the center is marked for its spacious double-height ceilings, extensive use of glass, immersive sound and light systems, and a stunning rooftop terrace overlooking Downtown Miami that can be used for everything from shaded yoga classes to upscale evening events.

City Zero is the model for global multi-purpose fitness centers of the future.

Design and Executive Architect
Miami, FL
Commercial:, Retail
4 Stories
FLR: 17,131 Sq. Ft.