The Edge on Brickell

Executive Architect
Miami, FL
58 Story Condominium Building
Building Height = 631 Ft.
130 Condominiums, restaurants
Total area = 458,725 Sq. Ft.
Total Parking = 221 Spaces
FLR = 384,399 Sq. Ft.

Description: A stunning collaboration with Dutch artist Jan Hendrix, this ambitious concept was conceived to make the façade of the ultra-thin structure transform into a canvas for one of the largest artworks in the world, with the design innovatively imprinted not only on the structure but the glass itself. Envisioned as a breathtaking staple for Art Basel Miami, in the evening the artwork would evolve dramatically as the glass planes illuminate with color-changing LED lightwork visible from throughout the Miami River. Indeed, Hendrix’s seamless design even extends into the interior of the project in another impressive artistic feat. This unprecedented concept allows the building’s occupants to live within a functional work of art.