The Edge On Brickell Adds Bigger Restaurant To Plans

The Edge On Brickell, a tall thin, condo project on the south bank of the Miami River, is moving forward with slightly modified plans.

A recent application for utilities to the site now lists the restaurant size at 4,172-square-feet, up slightly from plans submitted last July. Rafael Aragonés, the developer, signed the new documents earlier this month.

The number of condo units remains unchanged at 130.

The developer will pay a $141,000 connection charge for water and sewer capacity, along with a $79,000 construction fee to extend the utility line to the site.

In December, the developer signed an indemnification agreement with the City of Miami allowing for construction permits to be issued while the lot is still subject to a tenative plat. Construction activity is not yet visible on the property.

Sales for the project began last October. The design, prepared by architect Luis Revuelta, attracted attention for placing a 58-story tall tower on a small narrow lot. Permuy Architecture is the architect of record.

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